Achilles Tears

The Achilles tendon is the body’s largest tendon. It connects the calf muscles to the heel bone and is used when walking, running, and jumping.

Although the Achilles tendon can withstand high-impact activities such as running and jumping, it is susceptible to injury. A tendon rupture is a tearing and separation of the tendon fibers that causes the tendon to no longer function normally.


These factors may increase your chances of suffering an Achilles tendon injury:

  • You wear high heels.
  • You have flat feet, also known as fallen arches.
  • Your calf muscles or tendons are overly tight.
  • You’ve got bone spurs.
  • You extend your exercise routine or engage in more strenuous activity.
  • You begin a new type of workout.
  • You wear shoes that don’t fit properly or aren’t appropriate for the type of physical activity you engage in.
  • You exercise on uneven surfaces.
  • You are prescribed glucocorticoids or fluoroquinolone antibiotics. You have a chronic condition that can weaken your Achilles, like rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, gout, or diabetes.